Happy Forth!


Happy Forth! There’s a path to the dawn’s early light
From the twilight now smoke-filled in lands near and far.
The white plague is my nemesis. So is my race.
I attract rolling eyes from wherever I place
My attention. And my door will not be ajar.
I’ll be locked down and safe with my shutters closed tight.

Happy Forth! Carry onward, delirious fools!
Make your sudden loud noises mean what they’re worth.
Your bright blasted colors I won’t see tonight.
Been there-done that, my fellows, and I have the right
To block out all that mankind has done for this earth.
We’ve become nature’s enemies – not her best tools.

Let the frigging land breathe again! Now, that’s a thought.
Clear the air of sick news bites that fray at the nerves.
It’s our hate-spangled manner that’s destined to wave.
We could make the state tanner and then self-enslave.
In the end I recall that all living deserves
Every chance to diminish whatever is sought.

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