Wider Angle Lens

Absoluet Acceptance

If I want to see more there’s one thing I can do
To make my vision wider. I have to reach out
With the full understanding that in doing so
I may encounter conflict. But it’s good to know
That I am fit to handle it without a doubt.
I shall seek opportunity and have it too.

Larger issues in life are with overall plans.
Satisfying desire is a part of it all.
In this way interactions with people I meet
Are endowed with potential. I’m willing to greet
Everyone with excitement. There can be no wall
Between me and my people. You all are my fans.

Social life is enhanced just because I feel well.
Understanding this miracle I’ll live without
Or within deeper knowing where I am at peace
As the wide world around me offers some release
Of the fear I’m withholding. To be more devout
Is my sacred ambition. It’s not a hard sell.

With renewed optimism the world that I see
Is a wide opened spectrum of visible light.
Different are the wavelengths we each radiate.
Some of all is by free will. The rest is by fate.
But we all get to learn where the light becomes bright
Though it may take a lifetime or more, honestly.

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