When Desire Comes Upon Me

Belief In The Dream Fulfilled

Suppose my life wants can’t materialize for
Several months. Do I wait to imagine them?
When desire is upon me it’s time to accept
In its fullness my wish. I cannot have it kept
From my heart which is where all my wanting does stem.
The fact that it is not real yet, I must ignore.

Three-dimensional knowing is through the senses
That can only know realness by what they perceive.
The mind is fourth-dimensional, and what it knows
Is that all is completed although not much shows
To the physical senses. I firmly believe
In the power of intent and consequences.

When Desire Comes Upon Me I must then assume
That it is fact already. The time interval
That I give to what I want throughout the journey
Is controlled by my attitude. If I can be
Enthralled and excited by the thrill of it all
Then the thing that I’m wanting will gracefully bloom.

When it comes to this world, all time is relative.
If I’m building a house, the urge to have it now
Can disgust or delight me. The trees have to grow
And the carpenter also. The patience I show
To the universe will help me more to allow
Everything that I want. It is willing to give.

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