Vacation’s Foundation

We didn’t come forth to get anything done.
Life is not a long list of events that take place.
It is rather a reason for flowing our love
As we take our vacation from heaven above.
We’re accustomed to contrast as leather to lace.
Praise that little know secret: We’re here to have fun.

The biggest event is not when we get there.
There is only the journey; the ‘there’ ne’er is here.
And if we remember we’re here for the ride
We’ll traverse the game board with free will at our side.
As we travel enough our life path becomes clear.
We then meet every challenge with wisdom to share.

Just as life is a journey, we will return home
Just the same as with any vacation we take.
The notion of holiday’s not to complete
Every purpose we’re planning like pigeons in heat.
We engage life vacation much for its own sake.
We’ve no hope of vacating this living syndrome.

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