Under the Radar’s Razor’s Edge


It’s just another blessed day…
Just hanging out and doing my thing.
I’m at home where I roam of domain with no measure.
In the wildest green stew I will always find treasure
‘Never been caught with my ass in a sling.
‘Wouldn’t have it no other way.

Immune to most danger, I’m a cell re-arranger.
I do this quite well – just as easily as thinking.
I can blend like a bug ground in road rubber rug
But my thinking’s like yours; that bug’s not really snug.
Catch a glimpse of me now while your eyes are not blinking
In an instant I vanish the reticent stranger.

An Enigma ignoble, I am rarely seen mobile
I’m best just to keep my behind really still.
There once was a time long before I found rhyme
I would shun my rare gift for a world less sublime
I’ve an army of pigmented soldiers at will
Making sure I’m not seen beneath ruggeded roble.

The only mail in my Outlook account
Are from folks selling dick oil or digestive aids
I become more estranger; no danger’s in store
As I tread sultry slaying the rich Jungle floor
Until when forever your last image fades
Of me showing all there’s no pride to surmount

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