Unconventional Insight

Unfettered Uniqueness

Anywhere I can be, and it just pleases me
To be free among friends and without any cares.
Getting too much attention, for me, can’t be done.
I enjoy friendly banter and drumming up fun.
Kind and thoughtful of others, I am one who shares
All I have with self-confidence in high degree.

Did I mention I’m cleaver? I entertain well…
Not that I have a talent for singing and dance.
But I do have charisma. My wit is my pride
When I know I’ve a big heart that beats warm inside.
Those who find themselves caught in a dire circumstance
Can depend on my insight, I’m happy to tell.

Having spent my life with my head stuck in the sand
Digging tunnels and needing so much to belong
To a friendlier colony, I’ve found new life
Among those who can at least find mirth in their strife.
Focusing on the positive makes it more strong.
Creatures living above ground seem to understand.

“Hakuna Matata” is the faith I live by.
It is based on no hassles and kindness to all.
At times thoughtless and self-centered I seem to some.
Levity is my credo. It does overcome
What in essence can be made into something small.
In life’s brief animation, on glee I’ll rely.

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