Together Strong

Strength of Gentleness

Your presence is most powerful, yet tenderness
Is you most treasured asset. Both loyal and brave,
People in your life love you and value your gifts
Of humor and altruism. Your heart uplifts
Those who feel they’ve no hope and nothing left to save.
Kindness to all who know you is what you express.

Gentleness is an attitude solid and strong.
All rely on your firmness and clearness of view.
Natural is your wisdom for looking ahead
To the wiser solution. Indeed, you are bred
For positions of leadership. All that you do
Brings about peace and harmony, laughter, and song.

Dinosaurs live a long time. They get to be old
Like the trees and the mountains. The earth was their home
For a while ‘til they vanished. When they do return
Will they have much to teach us? What lessons we learn
From what we conjure through our creative syndrome
Are available to us, and they are pure gold.

Respectful and heroic, your will to survive
And give service to others in true selflessness
Brings to you much fulfillment as others receive
Reassurance there’s always reason to believe
In the power of goodness to heal and to bless
Every creature on earth who is willing to strive.

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