There Is No Negative. There’s Only B+ and Ground, and Stuff In-between.

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When Hitler was a toddler, did he dream of killing Jews?
The question comes from not a child, yet youngster-like in mind.
When homeless man locks eyes on me, why does my heart stand still?
Is it because my easy life for me lacks strength of will?
It seems no life’s a piece of cake. All have sorrow of some kind
Whence babies all learned how to crawl to suckle sickled views

A continuous perception we each see as our short lives
Attracting what we feel about for better or for worse.
If Bin Ladin sits in heaven now, do I pout and throw a fit?
Well, if I did I’m certain how my God would look at it.
When something comes that you don’t want, put feelings in reverse.
A better thinking-feeling mix is how the soul survives.

Forgiving is a human need – not one of deity
For in God’s eye no harm was done that needs to be atoned.
The ill that I perceive in life is real yet nothing new.
For better or for worse, it seems, it’s best to change my view
To something else. Indeed, my God has never been dethroned.
Allowing is a sacred creed evolved of seity.

There’s earth, of course, and then there’s Source –
The battery of terminal good
It pulls Its life through us from ground.
When once realized then peace is found.
Living flows as well it should
It runs things well without much force.

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