The Story

The Magic of Storytelling

Everyone has a Story or True Life to tell.
Need I know what the difference is to be sure
That it grows in complexity and entertains?
Those who aren’t so creative may go through great pains
To come up with the best ones that drip with allure.
Every tale is a good one if it is told well.

 Somewhere in The Beginning that no flesh can know
Nothing was but pure spirit – not one single quark.
Then things came into being. All drama takes place
Yet born of nonexistence into time and space.
What has happened since then surely has left its mark
On the rich human psyche with thoughtforms aflow.

Stories blend into culture and make tribal sense
That fulfills the collective unconscious desire
Of our race to make meaning of magic and fact.
Within life’s subtle essence we’ve learned to extract
Much for our understanding through which we acquire
Some relief from uncertainty and some suspense.

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