The Roofs That Maurys Build

I’ll admit, Massa Povich, I’m caught right off guard
In waiting room hostage, eyes locked on a screen
Such excitement and drama, a pinch of delight
Big Baboonish Behavior Barks the Brightest Stage Light
Your Black Rats in a cage are now everywhere seen
Their lives cast in turmoil; their hearts deeply scarred

What the Hell are you doing, you fucking Bastard?
You married a Bitch whom now no one will trust.
Is she blabbing your secrets to folks who don’t care?
If she shits in your face, then just have an affair.
Leave Black Lives Alone, there are worthier lusts!
But, alas, there’s that financial gain you’ll have mastered

You come off quite well faking love and compassion
While mining for gold in the sewers of strife
But some of us know what you really are
That’ll do it for me. I’m exhausted thus far
Having strayed off course and lost trusting in life
Caught up in backlash is not really my fashion

If through Mother Goose or by Nigger Noose
The roof that you build caps a nation secure
In its image of Black folks as troubled and tainted
Old man, that ain’t me! I’ll make sure you’re acquainted
With Blackness Paternal not about to endure
Just keeping my mouth shut amid your abuse

From a Prince to a pauper – a Knight to a pawn
I’ll tell you for sure that the seed that you sow
Will grow to a dark jungle deep on your mind
The shame of it is you’re not one of a kind
Do thank me, you scum bag, for stooping so low
As to borrow your face to blow my nose on!

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