The Romanticist

Passionate Pleasure

Labor and good self-discipline are not my game
Nor my means of survival. I earn what I can
From inspired recreation. The pleasure is mine.
To be in absolute comfort is most divine.
I have no need to spend time on crafting a plan
To unleash my desire when my heart aflame.

Most my interactions with others are fulfilled
With a sense of compassion. I can compromise
In a loving agreement. I don’t want to fight
Then to wallow in sorrow for having done right.
Complacency results. We all become allies
Against one common enemy as it is willed.

Needless time to be idle is not worth my while
Nor does finance and luxury seem but a dream.
Overconfident splurges do work to my gain.
To allow and enjoy them is not done in vain.
I’ll assert my extravagance not to extreme
But in trueness of form and in elegant style.

 Tendencies to procrastinate still modulate
All the net worth I’m being. Therein I find peace
In the judgment of action before it is done.
Feeling I have control is a thing I won’t shun
Nor the notion my total value will increase
As long as I’m committed to just feeling great.

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