The ‘F’ Word

Freedom Of Choice

It gets people’s attention. It causes outrage.
That’s why it was invented. Packed with emotion,
The word has immense power. To say it means that
You want so much for others to know where you’re at
And to be right there with you. It is an ocean
Convoluted in meaning that one may assuage.

The awareness of people’s response is really
At the heart of the matter. Communication
Is the goal in our speaking. We want to be heard
In a big way. That’s why it’s such a special word
To be uttered. It is meant for the creation,
For the speaker, a spotlight so that all may see.

From a negative standpoint, the word is shocking
And upsetting. Those who use it want to bring you
Into their situation. They are not happy.
They want you to indulge in their purgatory.
You don’t have to partake in what they’re going through.
The intensity of their mood is worth blocking.

In a positive way, it is used frequently.
The word, as such has become completely diffused
So that it has a meaning expressing delight.
Either way, the word has the power to excite.
When comedians use it, we can feel amused.
How you feel when you say it, I guess, is the key.

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