The Away Mission

‘Left the ship yesterday.
‘Hadn’t been ashore since this time last week.
The stardate’s been logged, now my vulcanoid half
Beams back aboard to join the human in laugh.
My left wing gorilla joke meet the crowd bleak.
I am back home to stay

‘Til the same time next week lest I go out for food.
I so much rather to keep to myself
Only because I can’t know how folks take
My attempts to make funny. Folks seem not awake.
Would I don a pink zoot suit and dance like an elf?
Screw you, club! I don’t like it when you’re so rude.

I don’t give a rat’s ass what you folks say either.
You chatter and bicker and make a mess of my mind.
You asked me to treasure; that much is true.
Why not treat me as if I have a clue?
Our karmas are linked; our souls intertwined
Therefore I appreciate a week long breather.

I take my heart serious; I’m a sensitive old bitch.
My ship is my Fortress. I leave it with pause.
If I had a crew, I would delegate missions.
I’d avoid erroneously derived contritions.
I don’t expect anyone to give me applause
But, damn it, laugh when I say! I am not a sales pitch.

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