The Amassing of Nature’s Arms

So, this thing about ISIS… Their orders come from
A great force whom they know not nor that they are charged
With the duty or ridding the earth of its trash.
Their mission: To Make Mankind Smolder in Ash.
It could have to do with the penis enlarged
As the rape aspect feeds the desire to cum.

Many species have war. They wipe each other out.
But they harbor no lame excuse like people do.
They just tear at each other until there’s no more.
We have much to learn about studying war
From the beasts and the insects, to name but a few.
Humankind is no master. There should be no doubt.

Nature has many allies, among them, mankind.
And we’re stupid enough to ignore that it’s true.
We exterminate much of our kind on our own.
Yet with deadly diseases, we’re extinction prone.
I’m not one of the many, nor one of the few.
I’m one focused observer by nature’s design.

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