Speaking Your Mind

Single Point Transmission

The mind rarely stops speaking in its conscious state.
All the incessant chatter assumes a threshold
Below signal intelligence. Thought we transmit
And receive among others is altered a bit
By the moment’s analysis. If truth be told
What is felt at the gut level carries more weight.

I get off on the frequency I can maintain
In profuse propagation of testimony
To my earthly existence. For this, I am one
Of the many who, like me, respect what is done
In expression of being absolutely free
To engage in discussion for everyone’s gain.

Seeking not resolution, my primary aim
Is to move mental structures to ever new states
So that thought generation can rightly occur.
Our humanity prospers by how we infer
From the clearly straightforward as social primates
How in all the diversity we’re much the same.

Problem solving is done, and creatively so,
Through the mind’s interaction with other like souls.
When we talk about ways we can all get along
And come to firm agreement of what’s right from wrong
We may find the achievement of our lofty goals
With the least of our effort. Have we far to go?

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