Sentimental Clutter

Things close to my heart
Are scattered through my life – some worlds apart.
Like leaves in autumn breeze
The things I gather drift right from the start.
That’s why I’m hanging low;
‘Don’t want no one to mourn when I depart.

‘Cause I know deep inside of the things that I cherish
Some will remain and the rest doomed to perish.
Three score years I have tasted the earth now.
Seems like a dream since my bare-bottomed birth. How

Sentimental Clutter streams, echoing my hopes and dreams…
Fundamental Sputter, mental spun.
Sentimental Clutter flows through my mind before repose…
Set my heart aflutter, Utter One.

If time is on my side
I’ll make amends to those whose love I tried.
To those whom I’ve caused pain
My sorrow deep is but a hope in vain
And as my heart beats true
When we return I’ll make it up to you

I’m not sure if I can keep the promise
Wish I weren’t such a lame Doubting Thomas
What I feel is the urge to remain here
Even though I may drive folks insane. Dear

Sentimental Clutter now entraps my heavy laden brow
Makes my mind to mutter gutter songs.
Sentimental Clutter tell of where I spend my time most well
Temperamental Cutter right my wrongs.

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