Self-Assertive Energies

Unforeseen Forces

Energies Self-Assertive are always at play.
They’re a part of ourselves as they are everything
Both alive and not so much so. All want to be
All that freedom in doing so is plain to see.
Full expression of selfhood in freedom we bring
To the forefront of nature. We’re not led astray.

Exercise of self-discipline is not the goal
That is sought by the life force within each of us.
Rather growth in fulfillment of resident drive
Is the primary reason that we are alive.
With regard to the process, what’s there to discuss?
Engagement in becoming is best for the soul.

Playfulness in encounter and strength of the will
Are the key to enlightenment. Each brand new day
Brings ongoing adventure while here on this earth.
Any moment we choose can be one of rebirth.
And like every newborn we are willing to stay
For the wealth of excitement. We’re here for the thrill.

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