Restlessness Of The Natives

The Way Of No Light

Lethal forms of expression are God given rights
Among those who breathe hatred all day, every day.
The setup for mass murder is fully in place.
Frequently people die just because of their race
In this land of gross freedoms. With full on display,
Terrorists stand united. Why are they all whites?

Never once in my long life have I understood
Why it’s whites against non-whites and not the reverse.
Histories I’ve been taught demonstrate this as fact.
White folk have much less fear of their being attacked
Just because of their whiteness. It feels like a curse
To be non-white in this land. How can this be good?

Having failed to put myself in white racist shoes,
I cannot look at me and my kind with disdain.
If I could I’d be just as my hurt ancestors
Who knew noting of hatred, expansion, or wars.
I can’t look at the white race without psychic pain
I’ve discernment for ugliness if I so choose.

Restlessness Of The Natives of this white man’s land
Is severely apparent and will continue
Until we either self-destruct or get a clue
That for our survival there are things we can do
To deal with barbarism of now but a few.
I do not want to perish by their evil hand.

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