Responding To Difference

The Sameness In Difference

There are ways of responding to differences
That are different also in roughly two ways.
Difference is a blessing to some citizens.
Life is vivid in color when seen through the lens
Of initial acceptance and ultimate praise.
Folks are open to hearing what anyone says.

But it’s also a nightmare for the remainder
Of a nation bisected from its beginning.
It’s a confronting energy – that of freedom
To express as one wishes. It’s evil to some
To progress. It’s the reason they are called right wing.
Recursive is the politic that they prefer.

Tragedies thus befall us as incompetence
In response is broadcasted worldwide instantly.
Others witness our savagery and wonder why
We’re the only ones who allow children to die.
Differences in attitudes definitely
Are a life and death issue which doesn’t make sense.

Difference should be shot at if it is a threat
To the safety of others. Again, many ways
There are to respond to differences. Some are
More efficient than others. Perhaps we are far
From a civilized nation. As our heart decays
Our ignorance of issues is not an asset.

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