Extreme Focus

We rely on Precision. An accurate plan
Executed with caution is necessary
To put on a performance that kisses the sky.
What comes naturally to some, others won’t try.
Focused thought and sharp reflexes ultimately
Keep things all in alignment across the sky span.

Precision allows one to be perfectly clear,
Direct, and most articulate in word and deed.
Life depends on how well people communicate.
Honesty of intention cannot but create
The best atmosphere known. Things can happen with speed
In the absence of doubt and untethered to fear.

When expressing a viewpoint, like flying a jet,
The big picture is vital, but so is detail.
No one person can see all. With effort combined
Interacting in form keeps the purpose aligned
And when added to Godspeed success will prevail.
Entertainment spectacular is what we get.

Discipline is the clockwork that makes it a breeze.
Critical in our thinking, we analyze flaws
And correct them quickly before they can do harm.
Audiences applaud those who exhibit charm.
We eliminate briefly the number one cause
Of doubtful expectations and psychic unease.

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