Phenomenon of Thee and Me

Phenomenon of Thee and Me

The nature of nurture’s the nurture of nature –
A concept as pure as the burner gets hot.
When nature is treated as well as can be
Then nurture becomes second nature to thee.
Every kettle that isn’t, and pot that is not,
Are the only ones prone to such nomenclature.

Bubba pot comes of frisky at times, we may know.
Careful kettle with mettle for serving hot tea
Couldn’t care less what the pot wants to do.
In contrast, her temperament seems rather blue.
She may come around, though, and to some degree,
Some romance could possibly blossom and grow.

Take your shoes off, relax and just chill for a while.
This saga’s just starting. There’ll be much, much more.
The kettle and pot are soul mates, as it were.
Through karmic entanglement, as they prefer,
And their drama, they hasten to even the score.
Life’s a wonderful play. We are actors of style.

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