On The Lookout

Perfection of View

On The Lookout for others with whom I may find
Growth and comfort through contacts, at times, I am lost
Between rocks and hard places. I can give and take
In contingent humility. All I forsake
Is the ego’s production of psychic exhaust
And the fear that has kept me from being more kind.

When cocooned in aloneness, self-study and growth
Of the eternal spirit can be focused on
With and ease of intensity. With other folk
My attention, drawn outward, goodwill does evoke.
What appears to be sunset could also be dawn
And it makes not a difference. I enjoy both.

On The Lookout for opportunities galore
In the distant horizon and right where I am,
Hopefulness is the feeling. A breath of fresh air
Taken in with reflection keeps one more aware
In each moment that life can feel like an exam…
…Which it is, but with guidance, I’ll earn a high score.

 Benefits can be personal. My reaching out
To that which is uncertain requires special guts
Corrugated by wisdom from all that I’ve learned
Through my fund of experience. I’m most concerned
Simply with being human without going nuts
In the hazardous process. Do I harbor doubt?

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