Of Sanctity and Life


“Nuke the HELL out of life, but God, save those stem cells!”
If one thinks I’m a nut case, just look where I’m from.
I would not call one nigger who’s blacker than me
Unless done in endearment most positively.
One would think common sense would out weapon the norm.
That, it seems, is where I am – between parallels.

We’re a species of contrast all up in the face
As the web of technology quickens its crawl.
Worldwide media trigger most worldwide events.
We’re confounded with coverage at our expense.
Hair still stands on my neck when I hear someone’s drawl.
I’m a nut case as well as the whole human race!

I can’t fault human nature. I’m one of its kind.
What I can do is closely observe what takes place.
I’m a student of human behavior. As such
I delight in interpreting life very much.
And I do that quite well. I can always embrace
My well-cultured indifference and firm peace of mind.

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