If Our Thoughts Are as Stardust


There are zillion quadrillions of stars, so they say –
All the ones who have counted them one at a time.
I believe them. I’ve no call to doubt their fine work.
I respect them for work that would drive me berserk.
From stardust to star system, each star lives its prime
Then returns to its dust state for instant replay.

Now, how many fresh thoughts does one think in a day?
It turns out, not so many. Our habits say so.
We think thoughts we thought yesterday, most of the time.
More than most of those thoughts are not worth a broke dime.
We think thousands of thoughts a day, yet we don’t know
How to think them effectively, to our dismay.

Every thought ever crafted from day one ‘til now
Still exists in the cosmos in its stardust form.
When our stardust-like thoughts trigger others the same,
A new thought with momentum will burst into flame.
Still more thoughts that are like it converge in a storm.
We can keep our thoughts bright as far as we allow.

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