Human Laws Are NOT Lawful

Human laws don’t hold water, nor do they have weight
In the courtroom of cosmos where justice is served
Equally among all creatures with mass and form.
Leave it up to our species to stray from the norm.
How we learn to live well within space that is curved
Must depend on how well we can deal with our hate.

Nature seems to be cruel, though. It has but the heart
To take life in an instant or offer escape.
The decisions it makes are not so to be fair.
The cosmos was chaotic once, so should I care
That our randomness puts us in pretty good shape
For the planet surviving a most violent start?

Human truth is not truthful, if ‘is’ means ‘is not’
At the whim of the slick mind and tongue with the knack
For transforming our language into legalese.
Only lawyers can speak it like shooting the breeze.
What is lawful may turn out to be a drawback
When it’s used to deceive or to cover a plot.

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