Heightened Awareness

Acute To Alarm

Fearing most other felines, Duchess is your friend.
Along with her three kittens, you form a tight bond.
That’s because you are special, courageous, and dear.
Heightened sense of awareness makes you prone to fear,
But when friends are in danger, you’re quick to respond
With remarkable courage. On you they depend.

Motivations of others you detect with ease
So that you can warn all of impending danger.
Your enhanced observation and resourcefulness
Are most helpful to those who may be in distress.
When your plans don’t work out the way you would prefer
You get flustered but rebound as if they were cheese.

You’re a mouse of refinement. Caring and polite,
Loyalty to the household is your contentment.
Most intense you can be when the situation
Calls for it, and your daring cannot be outdone.
Luxury and good manners properly accent
Your amicable nature easy to excite.

To remember the names of important allies
Is a challenge for you, yet you have other ways
Of completing the mission. Your natural sense
For the essence of life is a treasure immense.
Protection heroic earns you genuine praise.
You’re a persistent creature both gentle and wise.

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