Every Moment Is A New Starting Point

Look Ahead

Basic laws of physics we can well understand.
We need not attend classes about gravity.
“If you don’t get this training you might well fall up!”
It is insulting to be treated like a pup.
Many children are missing though. So could it be
That for some of us this understanding is banned?

The laws are consistent as they work just the same
For all creatures existing. We learn how to use
Them to our full advantage. Laws of Attraction
Are the engine we use to get everything done.
They make no exception nor mistake. We may choose
To ignore their existence and wallow in blame.

We can’t speak about Laws of Attraction without
Reference to momentum, its elegant child.
When you focus on one thought about anything
Within moments you open up to a wellspring
Of thoughts like it. It’s as if the mind has gone wild.
Often times you have felt this. I have not a doubt.

A reprieve from momentum you get as you sleep.
The engine of beliefs and wants must have a rest.
When you wake don’t refill your mind with yesterday.
Think of things that excite you. With practice you’ll stay
In a good natured state – not angry or depressed.
You will be astounded by the blessings you’ll reap.

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