Decisions’ Revisions

We make many decisions; we then make them right,”
Is the mantra that my inner being holds true.
The guidance I get from my source deep within
Keeps me balanced so that every game is a win.
I already came knowing this out of the blue.
Every being who lives has this keen inner sight.

The choices I make throughout life, day by day,
Are most often ones that I craft on my own.
But without inner guidance to keep my life straight
I am easily led into traps that negate
My own reason to be. Into chaos I’m thrown
If I don’t follow guidance. That’s not the best way.

My work in this perfectly balanced mobile
Is to weigh the existing beliefs within me
Against new stimulation of beckoning thought
To reveal what I now want and why it is sought.
When I master this method I set myself free
Of misguided behavior that’s cramping my style.

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