Dealing With Conflicting Thoughts

The Constant Chatter Within

How they twitter like cages that have no one there
Yet each squawks a perspective of how things may be.
Of the patterns familiar to humankind
That of conflicting thoughts chattering in the mind
Is the one most destructive to vitality
As it is the root cause of feelings of despair.

Is the issue to figure out which one is right?
After all, with so many, there has to be one
Most assured to provide me the answer I need.
They pretend to be helpful so that they may feed
On my fullest attention. They can offer none
But continuous bird poop in lieu of insight.

Practical in its purpose, the movement of thought
Yields solutions to problems of daily routine.
It cannot provide comfort in times of distress,
And at best it can lead one to mundane success.
Entities become radical are but obscene
And a poor source of wisdom. True guides they are not.

Can I not listen to them and just be Aware
That they are things in cages with something to say?
From a place of Observance I can choose not to
Get caught up in the crosstalk. Instead I can view
Them as nothing important. Then they can’t betray
Consciousness in the moment where there’s not a care.

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