Curriculum Of Joy

The Fresh Wisdom of Youth

Loving so much the art of improvisation,
You’re at home in your happy world of make-believe.
Creative and original, you are intense.
Powerfully able at creating suspense,
Fun and play of all kinds you easily conceive.
Every new day that dawns is a celebration.

Those in your private circle love and adore you
You attract those like-minded who share interest
In unbridled expression of joyfulness for
Being young and resourceful. The world you explore
Is supportive and kind and one that is impressed
By your spirited nature and all that you do.

Treating your toys with kindness and warm loving care,
They have grown to respect you and honor your needs.
Whether they be imagined or solid and real,
Entities existential reflect how you feel
About life and toward others. Your graciousness feeds
Inspiration to those whom you have made aware.

You’ll become a great actress when you come of age.
Wholesomeness of your spirit ensures your success.
Any field of endeavor you choose will be fine.
When you know you are special your trueness will shine.
All the goodness that you have you cannot repress.
The gift you offer others is how to engage.

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