Cultured Nurturance

Elegance In Caring

Public Image is vital. I want to be seen
In the best light as possible. So I behave
In a manner respectable. I am polite
To all whom I encounter. I don’t like to fight,
But I’ll stand up for justice. And I can be brave
If my friends become threatened. I’ll get downright mean.

My idealistic outlook can earn me flack
From the ones that I know who are more down to earth
But they soon come to realize that my success
In the worldly arena is because I bless
Everyone in my presence with warmhearted mirth.
They respect me because they know I have their back.

I enjoy creature comforts. Material things
Can be thought of as evil to those with no need
To appreciate beauty in all that exists
In its fractal diversity. This world consists
Of those who are more loving and those filled with greed.
I’m not intimidated when I’m before kings.

I’m called aristocratic among the elite.
I’m an elegant lady to whom life is grand.
Being sweet and delightful is easy for me.
In the lap of nobility, somewhat carefree,
Frequently I’m obliged to take luck by the hand.
And, as such, rarely ever do I see defeat.

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