Competitive Compulsions

Endless Power And Energy

Critical culmination defines the climax.
Competitive Compulsions are primed to the peak.
Prowess in one’s performance prepares for the pie
In the sky of achievement. The spirits are high.
Sporting is an adventure that’s not for the weak.
When the game’s on the line there’s no time to relax.

Some aerobic activities lack the release
That comes with intimate involvement in a team.
The intense interaction caresses the soul
In the heat of the passion. To win is the goal.
I’m fulfilling my most wonderful childhood dream.
It is my only wish that it will never cease.

What truly is at stake does not take compromise
As a nonsense solution to problems at play.
It, in fact, is an elegant dance taking place.
A display of great power in balance and grace
Is a thing most aesthetic in a perfect day.
Either team and its members all win the big prize.

Overstepping the boundaries is apropos
In this field of endeavor, and timing is such
That we move in an instant precisely worked out
To the last millisecond. This leaves little doubt
That it enflames the passion our fans love so much.
Is it odd that aggression makes for a good show?

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