Clear Objective

Bright Idea

Mental giantism is a bold show of strength
Of the light modulated, by thought at its best,
That shines forth from within. And without feeling shy
There is one Clear Objective that I must live by.
Superheroes are not judged by how they are dressed
But the frequency of their light or its wavelength.

I respect public image. To work, is my cause,
For the people inhabiting this planet earth.
All that which I’ve been given I must find a way
To return more than onefold. To try, as I may,
Is to live for the chance to account for my birth.
Is there something wrong with me if I crave applause?

Concentrating and focusing are my best tools.
As an investigator in mystery land
Filled with horror and wonder; dullness and surprise,
It is my job to witness and to journalize.
But there are many things that I can’t understand
That most do and most clearly. I don’t call them fools.

If how well I communicate is of concern
To myself or to others, then what can be done
Is to sit back and listen more with no response.
I may then capture essence and every nuance
Of objective reality and how it’s spun.
The more I come to know, the much more I must learn.

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