Agency Advocate

Enigmatic Assistance

He remains confidential and private to all
But the most enigmatic of creatures unknown.
No one knows much about him. A government man,
He’s been working since civilization began,
And his matter-of-factness cuts right to the bone.
For The Agency, this man is always on call.

Sensible and proficient in every detail,
He can be sympathetic, in difficult times,
When mayhem and disorder take over our wills.
As an able detective his service fulfills
Those who venerate safety and justice for crimes.
Evil cannot escape when he’s dead on its trail.

So, respect he enjoys among community.
Realizing his import in daily affairs,
They rely on his honest, straightforward approach
To resolving tough issues as fear may encroach
Upon sensible discourse. They see that he cares
For the welfare of others and with loyalty.

Advocates of The Agency help me get through.
Sinister are the workings profusely afoot.
For the sake of projection we take what is real
To produce entertainment to match the ideal.
For a fresh understanding I’m never hard put.
Always open I am to what more I could do.

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