Accounts Receivable

A Reality of Abundance

Contemplating receiving proceeds toward the dream
Of release from all hassles of knowing our worth
And of infinite pleasure to do as we please
So that living and playing are done with great ease.
Every creature alive now that moves upon earth
Has its own way to get things. Sometimes it’s a scheme.

The assessment of finances can be a chore.
For accounts not receivable money is tight.
Stable means to gain assets escape easy flow
From the fertile subconscious to things we may know
To gain access to treasures concealed in plain sight.
And the trick to receiving is not wanting more.

To enhance how receivables make the accounts
Function well-oiled-machine-like, least toil is advised.
Only focus persistent from deep in the soul
Will suffice for attaining the most valued goal.
It may happen so quickly one may be surprised
By the wellsprings of wealth offered in huge amounts.

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