A Perpetual Dance

Heart Versus Mind

Some folk feel with the mind. Others think with the heart.
One of each as a couple engage in a dance
Where there may be some conflict. But they perform well
On the whole as creators as long as they dwell
In respect of their movement. It isn’t by chance
That the dance will ensure that they never shall part.

There can be often discord. The steps that one takes
Can disrupt what the other had planned as they move
Through the ballroom. Together they work their way through
To a better performance as each of the two
Make the best of a good thing with nothing to prove
But that total commitment a better dance makes.

To achieve perfect balance may not be the goal
Since perfection exists only as an ideal.
The reality offers what most couples need
To enhance their fulfillment. Must one take the lead
By default? Or is sharing of much more appeal?
Either way the relationship becomes more whole.

Intuition and ego may stroll hand in hand
To the tempo intolerant to falling short
Of the deal made in love to continue the dance.
Nothing short of disaster will spoil the romance.
Mutual is the essence of loving support
And the fruits of the labor is something most grand.

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