It’s Just A Ride

We're Here To Enjoy

It has bright lights of color. The faster it spins
The more strength in momentum is offered to all.
Up and down… Round and round it goes. Its thrills and chills
And its overblown loudness innately fulfills
The needs of every rider both big ones and small.
When one enters upon it adventure begins.

There’s no realness about it except in the mind
Which is powerful in its creation of things.
And in collaboration, the ride we create
Determines if we’re living by free will or fate
At the unconscious level. What consciousness brings
Is the blessing or lesson… Perhaps both combined.

For some time some have been riding this blue green ball.
They have questioned its realness enough to conclude
That it’s what we make of it. So don’t be afraid
Of the ride you’ve created. The choice can be made
To come up with another one. This attitude
Increases my amusement. This is nothing small.

Bigger locks on our doors and windows and more guns
Is a ride that is horrid, closed off, and insane.
The alternative ride is about humankind.
Caring for those who need it, we are more inclined
To survive as a species. It’s much to our gain
To examine how this ride we’ve created runs.

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