Sly And Friendly

Altruistic and loyal, your unselfish acts
Transform the hearts of others. Your friendship is such
That it knows not an enemy who can’t become
A good friend and an ally by offering some
Honesty and authentic love which means as much
As having tons of fun and some time to relax.

Knowing what forever means, you are courageous
And will face any danger and offer support
In the way of affection. Both cunning and sweet,
You are carefree and lovable. None can defeat
Your mischief and wise antics, though you’re a good sport.
Strategies of compassion you’re apt to discuss.

Your devil-may-care nature dances with danger.
Fanciful is the partner until it is not.
Trouble may be the outcome, but you make it through
To the next wild adventure. From your point of view,
Fun and friendship are foremost. They matter a lot.
Boredom is the one thing that can ruffle your fur.

As you grow to adulthood affection you hold
For the ones you most care about. Never are you
Brought down by circumstances intense and adverse.
You enjoy no restrictions in your universe.
Loyalty in your friendship transcends what is true.
Your essence of resourcefulness shimmers like gold.

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