One can speak kinds of nasty by number or face
Or by what makes the innards convulse for a blast.
One can sit side by side on the toilet with friends
Who, of like mind, are never caught wearing ‘depends.’
Stoolers would be for seniors who tend to outlast
Most their body parts, as if they’ve won a lost race.

I’d hang out at a Stoolers with those of my kind
Just to get a good dump on, and speak of it some.
There are those who would listen and tell me their tales
Of their challenges where constipation prevails…
Either that or of issues that make the mind numb.
Social Shitting, at present, may be hard to find.

I’m a stay-at-home shitter by nature, I guess.
Would I mind sharing details of intimacy
Among people who are always glad that I came?
I’d not mind crapping with them, but don’t know my name.
I’m for Stoolers, and some old folks might well agree
That a place for group crapping would mitigate stress.

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