Smoke Break

Some group once suggested
We should do it in the road.
And if you want to show the road you’re courageous
Why not it do in color? You’ll be waxing outrageous.
Upon you attention will be bestowed.
Let your head be invested.

Cans need breaks every once in a while
Like the tall dark ones who stand up on their own.
Just sit your narrow black cans on the ground.
Make a line so folks know you’re not messing around.
And smoke your asses ‘til the cows bemoan.
Once cans get stoked, they be smoking in style.

Every break is a take on a different scene
And a smoking one sure takes the dull off the day.
When color’s included, life’s a beautiful rhyme.
It don’t have to be rainbow; all colors are prime.
Show your true color now; all people should play
Every break time, even those that are in-between.

If you’re rather young and quite new to smoking
The Surgeon General has made it quite clear.
Don’t smoke in the middle of a busy street.
Your can could get kissed by a tire’s cleat.
You don’t want your break to at once disappear.
It’s been a long time coming. You know I’m not joking.

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