Otter the Box

Our burgers are otter this world!

We’re Otter the Box. We do otter in style.
We’ve the best tasting otter this side of space-time.
Don’t order your otter from just any old place.
Our otter’s to die for. Our cuisine you’ll embrace.
Our nuggets with sassy sauce make your heart chime.
Prefer roasted otter? ‘Won’t take but a while.

Buy a bucket of otter, then the party’s begun.
We’ve got hairy-nosed, Asian, cape clawless and spotted…
We’ve got your smooth-coated all ready to grill.
Try our sea otter medley with urchins and krill.
You say, “Hold the seaweed.” We won’t get you all knotted.
You’ll have it your way, or our job just ain’t done!

When it’s breakfast, it’s otter spam omelets with jam
Or else biscuits with sea-salted otter brain stew.
We know that your tastes are by now all grown up.
Try our soup made from pre-mature sea otter pup.
Lick your fingers with pleasure; enjoy the view.
Let your hair down, chill out and just don’t give a damn!

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