Gay Rights and Left Curves

Gay rights and left curves

From wanting to know straight to knowing quite outright
In an instant expelled from the little one’s mouth.
If it were allowed, I’d say, “How come I should know?
Go ask a rump ranger. Don’t bend over though!”
But that’s not the way. I would be leading him south.
He’s a sharp little one who puts up a good fight.

Now well out of the closet, the query takes wind
As absurd it seems as grape nuts made for stewing
If I answer him with not a smile on my face
Will my words take a form indicating disgrace?
There’s no answer to nonsense worth my pursuing.
I am on to you, boy. I will not be chagrined.

Go ask your darned father, and trust in his word.
Do not ask your mother; she may slap you silly
And send you to bed with a bar soap popsicle.
Don’t let your flamboyance put you in a pickle.
Keep your query pure and as white as a lily.
Do take care not to folly unless it’s preferred.

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