Mercury Retrograde

The sun is in Libra; my twelfth house is a mess.
There’s a square between Saturn and Mars today.
Uranus is transiting; mine is as well.
When life seems a pain in the drain I can tell
Something’s up with my Mercury.  Is there cause for dismay?
Well, it’s retro; it’s not time to fuss or to stress.

OK, so it’s retro; just what does that mean?
One doesn’t go to the baker for meat.
For a horoscope natal, I’ll consult a star pundit.
Yet, I’d have to sell booty in order to fund it.
But for matters of mettle I am willing to greet
An Element Guru whose insight is keen.

Dear lady of old, elemental and sweet,
As you listen to what lays your head to its side
I wonder what dreams of your future hold true
Today as the world now takes hold of what’s new?
I am there where you were, and in that I take pride.
My nostalgia are roses to lay at your feet.

Like globules of quicksilver live on a stage
My memories of simpler times coalesce
Eventually returning to one giant ball
With my heart beating through the ordeal of it all.
Yet the times that will come, I do honor and bless.
In that, I live to embellish the Sage.

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