The Marginal Propensity To Transist

Healthy Circuit Functioning

A small silicon sandwich with three copper leads,
The transistor has changed the way most things are done.
The controlling of current flow is of concern
To the novice of nature excited to learn
How electrons can benefit us as they run
Through the circuits we live with that fulfill our needs.

The first one was three clumps of rock fused together
And attached with electrodes. How much it’s evolved
Over just a few decades! Transistors replaced
The old vacuum tube triodes which were glass encased.
The problem of high power and heat were resolved
By this silicon substance that all would prefer.

They can be used as switches or amplifiers.
A large current is controlled with a small voltage
At the base, so it functions just like a faucet.
We delight in our propensity to cosset
Electronic behavior upon the world stage.
This knowledge is of benefit to amateurs.

The function of the transistor is multiplied
By the billions by now. Data bits they can store
As each one can be on or off at any time
But never on and off. That would be such a crime
To the physicists who would want to declare war.
The nature of one’s transistance is one of pride.

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