Resistance Is NOT Futile!

Haystacks of resistance adrift on my bench
Like bugs with antennae but nothing more
Except sharp colored bands that determine their value.
They’d make for cool jewelry, that is if they’d allow you.
They can handle most any electronic chore,
But they’re scattered all over; my head’s in a clench.

When I got them a year ago, should I have known
That these creatures could wonder all over the place?
Now I’m finding these buggers concealed in my skivvies.
They’re no threat like The Borg, still that gives me the chivvies!
Some semblance of order might resolve this case.
I must not be disturbed; I must unplug the phone.

My vision for color’s the same as before
But sometimes their markings are hard to read
There’s a site where I go and just click on the color
Of each band, but if they fade and do appear duller
I’ll then enter its value and it does its deed.
This task will be easy. Satisfaction’s in store!

With meter and test leads poised to my avail
I’ll get them all measured and properly labeled.
They’ll be easy to store and a pleasure to find,
And I’ll no longer have this small mess on my mind.
My scattered resistance is no longer tabled
My sense of accomplishment’s beyond the pale.

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