Does The Sea Look Any Different When You Let Go Of The Oars?


Pork Hineys

A standard non-pharma technique in treating cases of acute depression is the basis of modern Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT).  It involves the lost art of reaching for a thought, based on how you feel at any given moment, which will likely make you feel better, as consciousness tumbles forward in temporal momentum.  What a concept!  It makes such plain and absolute sense it seems ironic that such an elaborate structure as the study of human behavior is weaved in order to engage the utter simplicity of its healing power.  And it is plausible that the world’s most effective therapists may have managed to steer way clear of formal education.

When one is severely bummed out (whatever the cause, known or buried, blatant or complex), there is a thick, dull, yet intense feeling of doom and hopelessness that is rather chronic and very debilitating (trust me, as I do speak from personal historical experience).  So if such a person can be made to mentally claw out of that state to, say, a feeling of anger, then that indeed is a step in the right direction, because the person now at least realizes the power to feel something (understanding, of course, that lingering in a state such as anger is potentially much more harmful than remaining in the constant catatonic fugue of depression).

Having said all that, the aim is to suggest that the cool thing about information overload (TMI) – the torrent of detail and recap of recent tragedy that has shaken the world to its knees, or what might not happen this Friday coming – or about anything at any peek in eternity – is that it’s an opportunity to step back and cross one’s eyes just a tad, to take in an alternate arrangement of all news fragments, scattered bits of certified horrific truth, and piquant sooth sayings from the vaults of antiquity.  Then the surreal is given the chance to morph into absurdity, then levity, and eventual serenity within some semblance of deeper understanding.  This is reasonably in line with my, or anyone’s, moving from utter hopelessness to anger… to frustration… to disquietude… to indifference… to clarity… to integrated resolution… to eventually seeing the world and all that seems to go on ‘externally’ as safe, having no power to control the single thing that I alone can and must control – the way that I feel in the moment regardless of what my world is showing me.  Am I guilty for not being so willing to prolong feeling bad even though there’s such a “good” reason to?  If so, then perhaps it is the same vibration of guilt that maddens the madman as well as the gut-wrenched bystander demanding some order of resolve from whomever or whatever.

Actually, that transcendental knowledge that few attain … and actualize while yet in bodily form offers a clue that is psychically tantalizing.  What goes on out there in that world – out here in this world – is a reflection of what is apparently ‘not’ going on out there.  It is a reflection of the one perceiving… the self!  There’s nothing not going on that isn’t already in either aspect.  I’ve heard spiritual icons and enlightened theoretical thinkers say this in so many ways in the past, and for a lifetime I am pouring escrow into wrapping my weary noodle around what they mean.  I do so because along the continuum relating caveman to social giant, I am somewhere in between –  perhaps much closer to the solitary, earth dwelling space explorer than the surface flitting fan of the Kornucopians.

But what I’m learning along the way is that the conundrum called self, its world and all that it seems to perceive and experience – life –is too alien a substance for the mind alone to contain.  That is why the human soul also has a heart which has no choice but to feel its way where reason dare not tread alone (…or at all, in the rawest of scenarios).

And for another moment, words take a break, and eternity is touched…

In dealing with life, my personal spiritual operating system has become a hodgepodge of code segments from various programs to include the Tao De Ching, A Course In Miracles (ACIM), and the teachings of Abraham, most predominantly.  After all, the human body with its brain and central nervous system is a computing device as well as an electromagnetic transceiver.  We – at least our bodies – behave very much like the machines we create in our own image to serve and support us.  The difference is that we, as humans, are self-programmable as freely as we are susceptible to programming by others like us – including our friendly devices, tangible or otherwise.

But we’re not actually the devices we think we are.  Rather, we are the current that runs them, the waves of energy exchanged among them, and the information processed by them.  Then, perhaps God is the supreme dork with the killer double click!  Energy passes through the body at tremendous frequency, such that we essentially turn “on, then off” billions of times per second.  When we are “on” is the only time we perceive ourselves as a specific identity in a physical body.  When we are “off” we are an unfettered member of collective consciousness.  This is similar to a bunch of free electrons making its way into a toaster, replacing electrons that had resided therein, then becoming suddenly and briefly aware of having a body (the toaster) and of living (toasting).

The teachings of Abraham – and myriad others – tell us that contrary to popular belief and religious doctrine, well-being abounds, and it is all that does.  The fact that we are often not aware of it is due to our own unwillingness to focus on it instead of its lack, which is the ultimate illusion.  They also speak much on the idea of ‘letting go’ when often they employ the analogy of someone putting their boat in some fast moving water, pointing it up stream, and paddling frantically.  They seem to always suggest trusting the current, and insist that simply letting go of the oars will turn the boat around and send it swiftly in the right direction.

But like some arduous Vulcan mind training discipline, it is still all pretty much of a stretch for me, as I suspect it is for most, because I’ve spent decades building traps to force my boat against the current.  But, like anything, the more the principles are practiced, the less resistance one will feel in the assimilation of life.  The operating system that one is running doesn’t even matter… just reaching the next better thought, using the heart as the master compass, and letting the current carry you home.

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